Abundance Affirmations

Abundance Affirmations

What are abundance affirmations?

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that you say over and over which encourage personal growth.

Often the statements are what the person wants to create in their life.

For example, a person that doesn't have much money in their bank account, might say, "I am wealthy. Money comes easily to me."

A person that is shy might use the affirmation of "Connecting with others is fun."

Although, the person might not consider the statement true in the moment, they are looking to align with statement/goal and make it true.

Are affirmations lies?

No! It is just the understanding of the Be Do Have principle. This principle says that you must be the person first. In becoming who you want to be in thought first, thus creating the person you are BEING. Moving through life as the person and affirmations assist you in reaffirming to yourself that is who you are.

abundance affirmations

Great Affirmations For You

Abundance affirmations are the focus on abundance. Law of Abundance says that there is always plenty or enough for all.

Money flows easily to me.

I attract money easily.

I always have more than enough money.

I always have money to give to others.

With my money, I can assist so many people.

I make money easily.

I earn $____ a month doing things I love and enjoy.

I love having money.

I love spending money on my favorite causes.

I love the freedom of having money.

I have $______ for my new home.

I always have everything I really require.

I am open to receive money.

I give generously to myself and others.

There is enough for everyone.

I deserve great things in my life.

I deserve all great things coming to me.

I deserve great friends that care about me.

I deserve a loving, wonderful man/woman in my life.

I deserve to be cherished.

I deserve to be appreciated.

I surround myself with loving people.

I surround myself with people that build me up.

I surround myself with people of integrity.

I am wealthy.

Sidenote: Sometimes, people will say to me that abundance affirmations just don't feel natural to them. Usually that is because they feel it is an untruth. What I suggest is adding, "I'm in the process of...." to the affirmation. That way it is not a lie, they are in the process of creating it. It just feels better to some since it is important to live each day with integrity.

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