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Be  Do  Have

Be Do Have

I didn't always understand the Be Do Have principle.

Because I didn't understand it, I always seem to wonder why I wasn't creating the lifestyle I wanted.

And once I got it....I mean, really got it, my life transformed!

Do you understand the power of be do have?

It comes back to the principle of being the person you want to be and then you do what that person would do, to have what they would have. 

It starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts are constantly creating your beliefs. When you think you can or can't do something, you affirm it in your action. 

The "doing" is the action based your beliefs about yourself. Then, of course, we manifest or "have" what we think we can have.


Get this, being is the acting "as if" or behaving in a way that resonates with our future self...whether that future self is one month from now or five years. We're behaving as if we've already achieved the goal of our future self.


Then here's the important part. A small space of time of choosing to "be that person" and actually taking the action of doing as that person. You see, the only way to get to that future self is by moving with action. 

So, you're always faced in a choice...Am I being the person I said I'm being?

It happens in that small space of time when what we say we want and then faced with the choice of moving TOWARD it or IGNORING what we just said we wanted.

When we move toward our goal, even the smallest step we are closer to who we say we desire to be than we were a moment ago.

Are you with me?

If I decide I'm going to be a singer. I start thinking and moving through life as a great singer. The actions I take are based on what I think about being a great singer. 

Do I believe it? Can I see myself living this way? Do I feel good when singing? 

I practice and practice. I put myself out there as a singer. I start to have results through my being and doing. People start asking to me sing at their wedding. Teams call for me to sing the National Anthem. A band wants to record with me. I put out the vibration that I am a great singer and move that way in my life.

Yes, Be Do Have!

"You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Children understand about being. When they decide to be a pirate, princess or cowboy. They are a pirate, princess and a cowboy and nobody can tell them any differently! 

Be childlike and just BE!

Being, Doing, Having

I know some people just don't get the be do have principle because they want to have a million dollars in the bank and then they will feel like a millionaire....

... No! That is not how it works! 

In fact, its backwards! 

Get this, you must BE the millionaire first, long before you actually have the money in your bank account! 

How would a millionaire think? How would they make decisions? Decide on the being! Be Do Have is very powerful if you understand it all starts with the BEING!

For example, many women worry constantly about being overweight. 

What they could be doing, to harness the power of their thoughts, is focusing on "being" the thinner person. 

How would a thinner person eat? What would a person do after dinner....go for a walk or sit down and watch t.v. the rest of the evening? 

Instead what do some women do?

They go to the dreaded bathroom scale, look at it, feel horrible about what the scale says and attract more negative energy about their weight by the defining number. 

I know I have allowed the scale to dictate whether I was feeling great about myself or not depending upon the number. 

A person looking for a great relationship with a woman might say, “I am so happy that I have a wonderful woman in my life that I enjoy being around everyday.”

What would that committed person do? 

How would they act? 

What would they do together? Do those things! 

Even though you don’t at the present moment have a woman in your life or even know of any female possibilities. 

Create A New Reality

Create your new reality by using this simple be do have principle!

The above positive affirmation is putting you into direct alignment with your goal of having a wonderful woman in your life. 

You must BE that person that has the wonderful woman, DO the things that person would do first before you will ever HAVE the relation you are looking for. 

A person that wants to quit smoking will stop for awhile and then restart a few weeks later. 


Because they are caught in the DOING. The doing in this incidence is smoking. 

For them to change, they have to change who they are BEING.  

They have to become the nonsmoker. 

Move through life as a nonsmoker. 

If you've always wanted to attract more romance into your life, then BE the romantic! Send flowers for no reason, write a poem for your get the idea!

A runner moves through life as a runner. 

When I wake up in the morning, I look at the clock and want to snuggle in for a few minutes. Then I get up and put on my running clothes...without putting too much thought into it because if I thought too much about it I would probably stay right in my cozy bed. 

Wait! Did I say "probably" stay in bed...I would stay in bed!!

I made the decision a long time ago that I was a runner, so guess what that means? 

It means I get up and run, because I am a runner, even when I don't feel like it. 

I eat healthy because I am a runner. 

I go into a clothing store and look for running clothes. I have more running shoes than any other type of shoe. 

I buy running magazines. You get the picture. It's who I am BEING.   Embrace the power of Be Do Have!

Someone that is successful in business does not wait until the results show! 

A successful business person  must BE a person that moves through his/her day as a success. 

Make the decisions a successful business person would make! 

A successful business person wouldn’t make his/her decisions based on money, they make their decision based on their goals! 

Be that person! 

Use Be Do Have to create the success you are looking for! 

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