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Create Your Own Reality

create your own reality

Create your own reality...

What’s new in your life? 

Look around you right now and know that you did create it just the way it looks. 


That’s right.  You have always had the power to create things in your life.

Possibly you don’t like how your reality looks right now or maybe your life rocks! 

Either way, you are the painter of your own portrait and landscape. 

It's important that you are willing to take responsibility of being the one behind the brush. 

You are the creator of your own reality.

“Life in itself is an empty canvas; it becomes whatsoever you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory.” --Osho

You have always been great at manifesting reality....whether that reality is one that excites you or worries you is going to be up to you. 

Here's the good news! 

If you have a life of love, harmony and peace, you have created that world for yourself. 

If you have a life of pain, worry and heartache, you have the ability to change the way your life looks today. 

Create your own reality that you want!

What can you do to create your own reality that makes your hear sing?

Thoughts, Feelings, Limiting Beliefs, Decisions

create your own reality

There are four attraction principles at work here. They are thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs and decisions


Thoughts become things. 

Once you understand that, it's a game changer for you.

Create your own reality with new thoughts. 

Can you imagine if thoughts immediately produced a visible concrete form such as a letter with your thoughts written down on the paper in ink? 

Wouldn't you certainly be more aware of your thinking? 

Can you imagine, “Do these jeans make me look fat?” Or “Are those kids going to be loud all through the movie?” a letter showing up with each and every good, bad, crazy, funny thought!

Thoughts begin with what you tell yourself. 

Start with positive affirmations.

The key to positive affirmations is: 

Repeating them often, write them down, hang up your positive affirmations where you can see it. 

When I have a new affirmation, I carry it on an index card in my pocket. 

Whenever I touch it, I am reminded to speak my positive affirmations. 

No... I don’t always speak it, I’m not going to yell out, “I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh 135 lbs,” while in my favorite Mexican food restaurant! 

Thinking it works also. I know that every time I speak my strong affirmation, I am creating a new reality just as you can create your own reality.

Use present tense. 

Comes back to the Be-Do-Have principle of being the person you seeking and then you do what that person would do, to have what they would have. 

Some people just don't get the be-do-have principle because they want to have a million dollars in the bank and then they will feel like a millionaire. 

No! That is not how it works! 

Get this, you must BE the millionaire first, long before you actually have the money in your bank account! 

Be-Do-Have is very powerful if you understand it all starts with the BEING!

A mother moves through life as a mother. It is who she is being. 

She wakes thinking about her children and how she can assist them in the morning. 

What will they need? Lunch money? Note for the teacher? Help with science? What snacks should I get ready? How much money will they need for the football game? Do they have clean clothes? What will need to be washed? Moving through her day as a mother. It is who she is. You get the picture!

To change any result, it always comes back to who you are being. So look at that when you are ready to create your own new reality.Who are you being? Check your be-do-have principle!

Believe It. This is how you will create your own reality. When you tell yourself something, you must believe it!

Here’s a great way to be able to tell yourself the truth...

When you speak a great affirmation such as “I am a magnet to money.” Your mind may say, “No, your not. You’ve never made any money.” 

Well, this is what I do, so I can tell myself the truth and the belief becomes easier “I’m in the process of...” 

“I am a happy, slender person,” might not be true in the moment, until you say, "I am in the process of being a happy, slender person." Now, that's true! 

The Law of Attraction responds quickly to how we feel about something. So, if you don’t feel good when you identify yourself as a happy slender person the Law of Attraction is matching those feelings and bringing you more of the same! 

So, to be able to tell yourself the truth and to feel good about it, the affirmation “I’m in the process of being a happy, slender person,” allows for you to feel good about what you say!


Feelings are the conduit for you to create your own reality. 

By tapping into positive feelings you will attract more positive feelings and thus positive things. 

It's a vibrational match. 

If thoughts manifest things, then feelings bring it to life!

Create your own reality of excitement and passion!

Fear is negative energy. 

If you are manifesting reality by feeling fear, you are stopping your flow of good things that are coming to you. 

I’ve always found to release fear there is only one way that works for me: ACTION! 

Yes, taking action allows no growth of fertile ground of fear.

Why? Because taking action is about living in the solution and fear is about wallowing in the problem. 

Create your own reality that is solution focused!

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fearing you will make one.” --Elbert Hubbard  

Limiting Beliefs

Get rid of the limiting beliefs that are not serving you. 

I used to have this belief that I always screwed up numbers, that I couldn’t ever seem to get them right. 

Man, I was really manifesting reality for myself! 

Well, of course this was a limiting belief for me. I do not have visual problems, no dyslexia or anything, so it was strictly what I had told myself for years and years.  

Guess what I got? 

Lots of wrong written numbers, lots of check writing mistakes.

I remember once I was placing an ad and put our 800 number in as the wrong number! 

It wasn’t until my husband pointed out that I was creating that for myself. I spoke a positive affirmation of "I am great with numbers." 

Simple and to the point! 

What are your limiting beliefs? Write them down when you hear yourself say them and you realize how ridiculous they sound.

Many people don’t create what they are looking for because they never make a decision.

“Should I, shouldn’t I? That’s what kills the dream.... Indecision.

The universe will always respond to your vibration.


To make a decision is to cut off any other possibility. It is not an "either....or" situation....not a "this or that." It is a conclusion! You decide and hold firm in that stand. 

If you doubt a choice you made then the universe will show you that you were correct in doubting it. So then you can say, “I knew I shouldn’t have bought that car.” “ I knew I shouldn’t have had that drink.” 

We love to be right! 

But the truth is, you were right because you attracted the poor circumstance, car with brake problems, drink all over your new coat, just by your doubting. 

Have you ever noticed when you draw a line in the sand of decision, “I am going to Australia for my next vacation.” (Talk about a positive affirmation!) 

No indecision. Only clear decision. 

The universe responds and you create your own reality!

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