Daily Motivation

What is your daily motivation? How do you profit your life?

Is it a great quote? Quiet reading time? Connecting with others on Facebook?

Motivation is a set of reasons as why we choose a behavior. True motivation comes from within. Nobody can do it for you! It's wonderful to surround yourself with things that make you <<>>

I choose everyday to start my day with a positive message. I know that I attract whatever I'm feeling, so I start by something that feels good. One of my daily motivators is TUT from Mike Dooley. I always open that TUT email before I open any others. I enjoy the message from The Universe everyday that Mike provides for me. I feel my own moments of greatness when I read it!

Motivation is finding what inspires you.

It's what profits your life...and it's different for everyone!

No one can tell you what it should be for you.

Your daily motivator is also your "why." Why do you do what you do? What keeps you going? Is it your kids? Your home? Your friend? Your husband/wife? Your dog? The ability to be recognized in your field?

daily motivation

Decide what is your why. Knowing your why is powerful because there is a clarity that comes with it. Distractions fall to the wayside because you have your why firmly established in your life.

For me, I know my why. It is being at home with my family and creating an abundant life for them while assisting others to do the same.

My motivation includes connecting with like minded other people. People that are on the same positive path as I am. Yes, it's a journey into myself as well as daily renewing my passion for life!

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