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Are you ready to get rich now? Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Have you always wondered why you're not rich?
  • Have you asked yourself why others are rich, but you're not?
  • Have you spent most of your life living paycheck to paycheck?

If you answered "no" then you are probably on the right money path.

If you answered "yes," then there is a great growth opportunity for you.

Why do people have struggles with money?

Most people concentrate on lack and limitation, on what they don't have, on what they can't afford or have in their life. 

You get what you focus on! When you have conversations of "not having enough," then you will attract more things to not have enough of. 

When lack and limitations are your focus, you start to notice more lack, more of what you don't have, which in turn begins to bother you more and more, thus you notice it everywhere!

Be Clear On Your Goals

Setting goals are the one way you can tell if some one is serious about achieving their goals.

For those that have no goals in place, not really expecting to achieve anything, usually this person is waiting for life to happen to them. Serious goal getters, not only set goals, they write them down.

Are you writing down your goals?

Know How The Money Will Be Spent

If you don't know what the money is for, then you don't require the money!

To get rich not you must know exactly what the money will be used for. We're talking crystal clarity! Know what it is and how much it will cost.

Ask yourself detail questions! 

If your goal is to put your son in a private school, know the price of the school for a semester. How old is the school? What is their rating within the state? How many students? What is the ratio of teacher to student? You get the idea!

Think From The End Result

Understand the Be Do Have principle. To get rich now, you must start by already thinking "as if" you already have the money.

Understand that a millionaire doesn't become the millionaire after he/she has the money in the bank, he/she becomes the millionaire in the mind first. You must think like a millionaire before you actually become one that is defined by a bank account.

Think And Act With Gratitude

When you create your life through gratitude, it will transform your world. Greatness comes into your life over and over through the daily practice of gratitude. This is the quickest way to get rich now, to appreciate what you already have in your life!

Give Generously To Others

When you give money to others, you are telling your subconscious mind that there is enough, that there is plenty to give to others because you have more coming into your life. It's law of sowing and reaping. 

What you plant, you will reap in harvest! That's how you get rich now.

get rich now

Making Money Using Law of Attraction

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