Gratitude For Life

gratitude for life

Do you have gratitude for life?

There is an universal law called the Law of Thankfulness. What this law says is that when we express our gratitude and are truly feeling grateful, we create a positive energy force in our world. Only with appreciating what you have right now, can you expect to receive more.

Sometimes others will take for granted things that they a loving spouse, a nice home, plenty of clothes etc...

I had a transformational experience of gratitude. Let me share it with you....

In 2002, we decided to sell our home in Colorado so that we could build our dream home in the mountains. The previous year we had built a small, and I mean small, 480 sq. ft log cabin high in the Rocky Mountains. For us, we just wanted a little getaway cabin to experience the mountains. It was while building that cabin that we formulated the idea that we could build our dream home.

We sold the home we were living in....and you guessed it, moved into the small cabin. What I didn't tell you was that our little mountain cabin sat at almost 9000 elevation which means a ton of snow, and it had no electricity and no running water. I cooked on our wood burning stove, which you know has one heat.....HOT! It did have an outhouse though!! Now, that was a cold walk! Brrrrr....

I am grateful everyday that I had that experience because it really shaped my life.

What does this experience have to do with gratitude for life?

I really started looking at the simple things in life. I appreciated being warm. I was thankful for a hot shower in town. I came to truly love my wood stove. How many people do you know that can make spaghetti on a wood stove?

I guess you could say that I got back to basics and even today, I take a hot bath with gratitude. I appreciate a frozen pizza! When you don't have an oven for a couple of years, a frozen pizza tastes darn good! I am thankful to be able to turn on the lights in my home, instead of having to light a lantern. I don't think I need to say this.......but I am very thankful for indoor plumbing!

I do have a gratitude for life!

How Can I Use Gratitude To Create Positive Things In My Life?

Gratitude for life

1. Gratitude Journal Write down the things you are grateful for. Nothing is too small. Start with 5 and build your gratitude for life. For me, I notice the more detailed I am about gratitude, the greater my attraction. We'd love for you to add to our gratitude journal below.

2. Gratitude Stone A gratitude stone is a rock that you can hold as a reminder of gratitude. Whenever you see it or touch it, you will say or think your gratitude list. It is very powerful!

3. Attitude of Gratitude Live with the attitude of gratitude. Your positive vibration will raise others energy around you! Listen to the conversations around you, you will notice that most can involve a negative twist. Energize the conversation with gratitude! People will be attracted to you just from this small change in your life.

4. Let Kindness Flow Create random acts of kindness. Teach your kids to do the same. Help someone with young children, if you see they could use a little help. Give your neighbor a hand with a project. Bring a homemade batch of cookies to the library or order them pizza for lunch.

5. Express Yourself Write someone a note or send a hand written card. This is rare in the world of emails. Whenever I do this, people always are so thankful.

6. Visit Old Friends I have this elderly friend, she used to watch my daughter when she was little. Even though I moved to Colorado for 8 years, we would talk periodically and write letters. One of the things I used to viusalize when I lived in Colorado and wanted to get home to Texas, was visiting with my friend, Bersha. We always used to have coffee together and so I would mentally see us having coffee again.

Of course, I manifested my desire. Yes, I'm headed over there on Friday morning!

Living gratitude for life will bring so much joy into your life!

You can start right now! Fill out our gratitude list below!Thank you!!!!!

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