Gratitude Stone

Gratitude Stone

What is a gratitude stone?

It is a rock that is a reminder of being grateful.

Every time you touch the stone, you focus on feelings of gratitude.
You can purchase them.... Or even better, you can make your own!

It is a great adventure with children to go and find some pretty rocks.

Once you find your stone, you can put it in your pocket, on your table beside your bed, in the kitchen or any special place you will see it.

Once you touch your stone you then think or speak of the things you are grateful for.

Take the time to feel the feelings of the wonderful things in your life!

The Law of Attraction says you will attract the things you focus your energy and attention.

Gratitude stones are a wonderful gift to your friends or family. You can paint the stones. Paint high vibrational words on them such as love, health, joy etc...

..... Yes, they make look at you at first with a "You got me rocks," look but once they realize the power, they will love them!

Gratitude Stone

Great Vibrations To Paint On Your Gratitude Stones












Top 7 Ways Of Rockin' With Gratitude!

1.You can even paint a keyword to your goal such as baby, new home, marriage, whatever is a reminder of your passionate goal.

2.Keep the rocks in a jar and pull out the one you deserve to be reminded about that day.

3.Paint some rocks for your garden, patio or favorite outdoor spot to create a positive vibrational energy there. When I see my rock "Peace" it reminds me to be peaceful.

4.Pass a gratitude rock around the family. The one holding the gratitude stone is the one speaking and sharing their gratitude list for the others.

5.Hide and Seek Gratitude. Find the 10 gratitude rocks hidden, just like an Easter egg hunt! Give them a check list to gratitude!

6.Instead of rocks, paint gratitude words on your walls. It creates a positive vibration throughout your home.

7.Hey, you've seen the M&M's with name, how about gratitude? What a sweet way to look at life?!!

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