How To Manifest Money

How To Manifest Money

Do you know how to manifest money? Are you wondering why does money seems to come easier to others but not to you?

Can I learn how to manifest money? Yes, you can!

But first let me ask you?

Do you feel that money is hard to come by?

You have to work really hard for your money?

That money seems to "burn a hole in your pocket?"

Last question......

Are you ready to let go of what you think about money/

This is absolutley key! You must be willing to think a different way about money. You can look right now at your bank account and it will tell you how you feel about money.....

....Okay, maybe there is work to be done.

It starts with the acknowledgement of what you thought was true about money...well, to be frank, it isn't.

Get this, it will take different thoughts to create different results. If you are not ready, that's okay....just don't expect to see the bank account make big changes.

You can look back 5-10 years and see exactly your relationship with money. Relationship.....wait!

Nobody said I had to have a relationship with money! Let me very not only have a relationship with money right now, but the relationship is probably poor if you are taking the time to read this page.

The great news is that you can change your relationship with money and it starts with .......


Yes, how to manifest money starts with your thoughts. It is how you think about money that changes the vibrational energy of creating and receiving money.

I mean how would you feel if you were cursed, told you were not enough, that you were never going to be good enough?

You wouldn't allow it! Yet, that is the way we talk to our money at times. You look at the pay check and curse it and talk about how there is just not enough to get by!

Wake up! Here are a few tips to manifesting more money.

1. Be grateful for what you have right now! How can you expect to have more if you don't appreciate what you have right now?

2. Speak in terms of abundance. Note the abundance all around you! When you start to notice all the areas of abundance, the Law of Attraction will bring more your way.

For example, say you notice how much change you have in your money jar how it continues to grow and all the wonderful things that change buys.

3. Have a clear goal. Be specific on what you want to create with your money. If you don't know what you want, how to expect to get it? Name it and claim it!

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