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Im Grateful For

by Mayra
(Woodstock, Georgia, USA)

Im grateful for my son's Yeovany, my son Jiannii my son Michael and my daughter Deanna.
Im grateful for my mother Obdulia and my dad Demencio.

Im grateful for my grandkids Alec,Arriana,Gino,Gabriela,Tahtiyana and Frankie.

Im grateful for my daughter in law Abby that loves my son and takes care of my grandkids.

Im grateful for the man in my life Randy that I adore so much.

Im grateful for my sister Vicki, Kenya,Randy and Greg.

Im grateful for my nephew Nelson.

Im grateful that even though I don't have a job right now im able to provide for my twins Michael and Deanna and pay some of my bills.

Im grateful that I have a car.

Im grateful that im able to wake up every morning and see my children's smiles.

Im grateful that even though our relationship is not the way I want right now I get to talk to my soulmate every day on the phone and that he loves my kids.

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