Law of Attraction

Law of Abundance


Law of Abundance is a universal law that says we have more than enough to meet our goals. 

Abundance is everywhere!

In our economy, people are always looking for ways to create more money in their how do you create more? 

In many ways, it works much like manifesting anything else through the Law of Attraction. 

The first and most important thing is this: You have to change your ideas about money before it can manifest for you.

I can remember my dad and mom saying, "Do you think money grows on trees?” “I'm not made of money.” Or talking about the "filthy rich." 

Our society teaches us that money is evil, and wanting money is wrong or that it is ungodly to want more money, that it is more noble to be poor, even while most of us spend our lives working to make more money. 

Like anything else in life, money is not of itself evil, and lots of good can be done with it. 

Before you can manifest money in your life, you have to reach the acceptance that money is good.....that you can do great things with it! 

Have you ever really taken a good look at your money? 

Money is really just ink on paper. 

But, Oh! that ink on paper can be your champion or your downfall! 

Once you understand that all things are made up of energy, you begin to see money through a different perspective. 

Money is currency and currency is energy. 

$100 spent shopping will circulate the currency. 

That $100 of energy received by someone will allow them to either circulate that currency by using it, keep it, or give it away. 

Energy flows! 

So how do we live the Law of Abundance and create more money? 

It all starts with what we believe about money.

Law of Abundance Affirmations

It's important to have powerful Law of Abundance affirmations to attract money.  to you.

Some examples are: 

  • I earn $____ a month doing things I love and enjoy. 
  • I love having money. 
  • I love spending money on my favorite causes. 
  • I love the freedom of having money. 
  • I have $______ for my new home. 
  • I always have everything I really need. 
  • I am open to receive money.
  • I give generously to myself and others. 

Pick out your own Law of Abundance affirmation that accurately describes what you are seeking. 

No matter what affirmation you select, make sure you repeat it often, and write it out several times a day. 

I keep mine on the fridge so I'm reminded every time I hang out in our kitchen. 

It's important to be specific about the amount of money you are seeking to manifest.

Develop specific fantasies about what you will do with the money you manifest. 

Will you get new clothes? 

Visualize yourself shopping, trying on the clothes, and paying for them with cash. 

Plan it out. How about watching your bank account grow? 

What would you spend your money on? Family trip? New car? Helping out a family member?

Be generous in your fantasies and also out there in real life.

Give more then usual to your favorite charities and causes, and picture in your mind giving them a lot more when your desired income is manifested. 

"Give and you shall receive." By giving, you are keeping the money flowing and it turn the money comes back to you! 

Keep in mind that you get what you concentrate on- if you have no money fantasies going, then you are probably not dreaming enough. Let the Law of Abundance work for you! 

Stop allowing your circumstances right now to squelch your dream.

What if money were not a factor? 

What would you want? 

Think Big!

 Do you ever decide what you want based on what you think you can have....your home, the car you drive, the college your child attends, what vacations to Cancun or resorts in Dominican Republic, what restaurants you eat at...well, you get the idea! 

Take away the money factor and look at what you really want. 

If you are not sure what you want, it will make it much less likely that the money will manifest in your life, or it will take longer to manifest. 

Take the time to decide what it is you really want and only you know for sure. 

Keep in mind that you have lived all your life with your old beliefs concerning money. 

You may find yourself fighting against these old beliefs, and having a difficult time releasing these old beliefs. 

If you can't release them, then the manifesting process may stop until you can move past them. 

I find it helps to journal about old limiting beliefs and then to cross out my old beliefs and write my new ones. 

For example, I once had an old belief that I should have to “work hard for money.” 

Once I got rid of that old belief  and replaced it with the belief that "money flows easily to me through my service to others” that my bank account started to reflect my new prosperous thoughts.  

Remember also, that manifesting through the Law of Abundance rarely happens immediately, and it may take a few months for your new prosperity to appear. 

This is because we all change at our own pace. It's alright to take your time changing.

As long as you are willing to continue changing, you can know that more money is on its way to you. Everyone is on their own journey and it just takes one step at a time toward your prosperous goal. 

Making Money Using Law of Attraction

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