Law of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Exercises

Law of Attraction exercises are for you to be able to put LOA into action.

It can assist you to put it down in writing. Grab you paper and pen and let's attract what you really desire!

Exercise #1

This exercise is for you. This is not for your spouse, mother, father, neighbor, best friend. 

They can do their own Law of Attraction exercises! 

Only you can decide what you truly want in your life.

So, what do you really want?

Describe it. Details, Details, Details!

Not sure about what you want? Do this simple exercise.  For example, if you were deciding what you wanted to attract in a dog. Briefly describe (write it down) what you qualities are not your ideal.

  • small dog
  • a dog that barks a lot
  • mean looking dog
  • older dog
  • inside foo-foo dog

Now, look at your list to decide what you do want.

  • small dogs =>> big dog
  • a dog that barks a lot ==>> quiet dog
  • mean looking dog ==>> cute, cuddly dog
  • older dog ==>> a younger dog
  • inside foo-foo dog ==>> outside dog to play with

Next define other things you would like in a dog.

  1. a dog to run a 5K with everyday
  2. a dog from an animal shelter
  3. a dog that can live with cats
  4. a dog that is friendly
  5. a dog before this summer

Now you have a clear picture of what you are attracting in a dog! Before this exercise you weren’t quite sure exactly what you wanted in a dog. You can do these Law of Attraction exercises for anything that you are attracting!

Exercise #2

When you hear a friend or family member start in on their conversation of all the things that they don’t want it a job, house, place to live, spouse, child’s behavior. 

Simply say to them. “What do you want?” They are focused on all the things they don’t want...those are easy! 

We can all talk about what we don’t want (over and over and over again!)  

Now, they can define what they do want!

law of attraction exercises

Exercise #3

Create a space. When you create a space or void, you will fill it. Of all of the Law of Attraction exercises, this one could personally mean the most to me......

For 7 1/2 years we kept all of our older daughters clothes, toys, her car seat, her stroller, crib, all baby things...and I mean ALL things. 

We had it all ready to go for the day when we got pregnant again.

The only thing was...

...we didn't. 

Not in those 7 1/2 years anyway.

Then we sold our house and had to decide if we were going to move all the baby items to our new house.

Actually it was a cabin in the Rocky Mountains....but that's another story....

Well, we decided that after attempting to get pregnant for 7 1/2 years, it was difficult to live with the emotions around that. 

So, we decided to give everything away. 

2 truck loads of stuff.

Yes, 2! I told we were saving it!

We donated it to charities around us.

We let it go...

Guess what happened? 

Yes, you guessed right. 

Little Grace Helen Putnam happened.

How? After all those years of fertility junk. Well, we created the space for a new baby.

Create space in your life!

Note: There is Grace with her sister, McKenna and her Mom and Dad.

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