Law of Attraction

Law of Detachment

Have you ever heard of the Law of Detachment?

Well, I'm sure you have experienced it!

Have you ever liked someone and this guy/gal was all you could think about? 

When after all of your energy, he/she never really seemed to feel the same way about you. 

Then you finally get the hint, not to waste anymore time and let the idea of that great relationship go...and then all of the sudden he/she starts seeking you out, wanting your attention and a relationship with you!

Or you had a client that you just knew was going to move to the next level and you focused your energy on talking about what you thought this person would do and when...and he did nothing.

Have you ever had a similar experience?

The Law of Detachment says that they way to acquire what you want is to let go of your attachment. By letting go, we are not letting go of our intention to manifest it.

Let me give you a real example...

After my oldest daughter McKenna was born we were ready to have another baby. It didn't take us long at all to get pregnant with McKenna so we thought, "No problem...whenever we want, we'll have another." 

The only thing was...this wasn't how it worked.

No pregnancy. 

Then we started getting worried after a few years. Bought a whole bunch of ovulation kits and saw three different fertility doctors...

But nope, no baby.

In fact, the last doctor told us that there was no way we'd get pregnant!

Well, more about him later...

We decided to sell our house and build a log home. The only thing was...what do we do with ALL of the saved baby stuff. 

At this point it's seven years later of attempting to get pregnant.

So, what did I have?

  • No baby
  • Three fertilitydoctor "No's" 
  • Storage full of baby items

But I had a dream friends, I wasn't willing to give up even when every expert around me told me that it wouldn't happen.

What did I do?

I did the illogical.

I gave away everything that I had saved for a baby.

Two truckloads of baby stuff went to local charities. A crib, changing table, a jogging name it, I gave it away.

What I didn't know at the time I had just experience Law of Detachment by not forcing it anymore and letting it go.

I create a void when I gave everything that I had been holding onto dearly for seven years.

And guess what? With ZERO help from fertility doctors I was pregnant within a few months time!

Here's one of my favorite photos of ALL TIME because this is the moment I knew I was was on top of the mountain!

And I felt on top of the mountain :)

Oh and btw, the doctor that said, "No way," I saw him while walking the halls during my labor. (And yes, I had to say something.)

law of detachment

How Do We Apply It?

Start with moving through your day with detached sense of being. This means that when problems arise, you don't "lose your cool" because you know that a solution will present itself. 

If you stand firm in your detachment, you won't feel that you have force it or push toward a solution, it will happen on it's own time. You in turn can stay open to possibilities with the trust that all is in perfect order.

1. Practice detached interactions.

2. Accept things don't always go as planned.

3. Be open to solutions instead of wallowing in the problem.

The great thing about the Law of Detachment is that it works well with the Law of Attraction.

Lastly, I thought I share a photo of my daughter Grace.

Named Grace...well, you probably know why at this point :)

And her name fits her perfectly!


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Tammi Disclaimer

Tammi Disclaimer

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