Living With Intent

Living With Intent

Are you living with intent? Are you living life on purpose?

I notice that when I live my life with intention. I create on a grander scale.

Are you still hoping for things to come your way?

This is how I see the intention scale.


When your intention is that something will happen or manifest you move differently through your day. Let's look at hope, belief, expectancy, certainty and reality on a scale.

If the scale starts with hope that would be nothing seen to the reality on the scale with the actual manifestation in hand. You can hold it, feel it because you have the proof right there in your hand it is real.

You can see someone's mindset by how they move.

Let me paint a visual picture for you. Let's say your brother was visiting from out of town, if you were hoping he would visit you, you wouldn't do anything to your home, no cleanup, no preparation, because it's not real, you haven't heard from him.

Now, your sister gives you a call and says that he is on his way. You now have the belief that he will come by your home. You might straighten up the kitchen, pick up a few magazines.

Now with the expectation that he will come by, you vacuum, put the throw pillows on couch, you tell the kids to clean up.

It is with certainty that he is coming over, you put the coffee pot on, get out the snack tray, change your clothes.

Next is the reality. He is here. You can look at where someone is on the scale to how they are moving. You will know how they are living with intent.

You can say the same in business. If you are in business, if you are hoping to make a sale, you can guess what you will get....nothing. No sales.

Moving to the belief that you will create sales in your business, you run ads in the local paper to promote your business.

With expectancy you start an internet campaign to create worldwide customers.

With certainty you know exactly how you will be paid, credit card payment set up with a merchant account, PayPal and Google Checkout. You know exactly how to walk someone through a wire transfer from their bank to yours. You are certain you will be paid.

The reality...the customers buy and you cash the check.

The more you start operating and living with intent at the highest of expectancy and certainty, the closer you are to your goals.

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