Manifest Money Fast

Manifest Money Fast

How can you manifest money fast?

It begins with believing you can manifest money quickly. So, let me ask you......Do you believe you can create money for yourself?

No? Well then you have some work to do my friend on manifesting money. That's okay, we all start somewhere. You can begin today with what you think about money. It all starts with your thoughts!

If you believe you can manifest money fast then you can. Once again, it all starts with the way we think!

I've mentioned earlier my daughter, McKenna attracts money to herself quite easily. She has found money in a resort in Hawaii, at amusement parks, in malls, in parking lots.

It isn't change either. Always seems to be $20 or so.

Well, she wanted a new gadget for her Ipod and I told her she could wait until Christmas or her birthday. I just don't believe in giving kids whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Along comes her orthodontist visit and what happens, McKenna wins a gift card for $50 bucks (yes, 50) for being a great toothbrusher. Now, how can I argue with how she spends her money that she won and for being a great brusher! Okay, so you know, she got her Ipod gadget that she couldn't live without (she is 13.)

But here's the thing....when she found out they were having a contest, she knew she would win it. She even told the receptionist, "I always win contests." Sure enough, she did.


Because she has the inner believe, a real knowing, that she wins contests and finds money wherever she goes!

You can do the same. Start noticing the abundance around you. See a coin on the ground, be thankful!

Be grateful for all that you have and all that you will have. Until you are grateful for what you have right now, you will probably not receive more. Have an attitude of gratitude and what what happens to your bank account!

It is really important to note that you must BE the person that manifests money quickly, DO as the easy manifester would DO, to HAVE all that person would HAVE. Yes, it is the Be Do Have principle.

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