Manifesting Wealth

Manifesting Wealth

Are you manifesting wealth into your life?

Wealth is often associated with money. Money = Wealth, right? Well, yes, they often go hand in hand.

True wealth is financial, physical, emotional, relational, mental and spiritual.

Wealth includes all of these!

How can you truly be wealthy if you are an emotional roll-a-coaster?

Or how can you truly be wealthy if you can't seem to connect with anyone?

It is the sum of all parts that creates real wealth.

How Can I Start Manifesting Wealth Into My Life?

Take a personal inventory.

How are your finances? Do you feel good about the money you have right now in your bank account? The great thing is you can always change it!

How is your physical health? Exercise is an important part of feeling good. Take the time for yourself! Whether it is a walk around your neighborhood or a walk on a treadmill while you watch your favorite show, it is vital to your overall health.

What kinds of foods are you inviting into your body? Feed your body great nutritious foods and it will change how you feel.

How are your emotions? Up and down? Or are you an even-keel kinda person? Do you get easily stressed?

A great litmus test here, is to look at your friends. If they are emotional wrecks then remember the phrase, "birds of a feather, flock together." There is a reason they want to hang out with you. Don't feed someone elses drama!

Are your relationships good? Do you feel a real connection with others? No, it doesn't have to be a list as long as Santa's! Just a few key people in your life, people that you know are in your corner, make a difference in creating true wealth.

How do you feel mentally? Do you feel mentally strong? Do you allow negative monkey chatter to fill your mind? Do you live in fear and doubt?

Are you connected to your spirit? Take the time to connect with your spirit through quiet meditative time.

You can start manifesting wealth with taking a personal inventory. If you see an area that you feel is lacking, that is a great thing....the awareness of it. Now, you can take the actions required to change it. It all starts with who you are being. It is the Be Do Have principle. True wealth starts with who you desire to be. It all comes down to the choice in being.

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