Are You Living A Passion For Life?

Passion For Life

Do you have passion for life? Are you excited about what the day brings? I always start my day with these words.

Thank you.


Lots can happen.

I love the idea of attracting incredible things into my life that I don't yet know about. Of course, a lot of the time we do know about what we bring through the Law of Attractioin so there often times, I just say to myself, "Of course. I attracted it."

A passion for life is essential for creating joy in your life.

How Can I Create Passion For Life?

Take my mantra if you like, "Lots can happen." It has served me well to keep my self open to all the possibilities in my life. Are you open to yours?

Follow Your Heart. Always trust your heart. Your brain will want to keep you realistic, but your heart will always follow its passion.

Live Your Truth. Why convince yourself that you love your job when you don't? Why tell yourself that you enjoy the cold and snow in the east when your desire is to live in a warm weather climate. Live your what you love.

Take a Stand For Your Greatness. Be bold in what you want. Name it and claim it! I know for me, I wasn't able to have greatness in my life until I stopped traveling down the middle of the road and chose a certain path. You know when you travel down the middle of the road, not quite sure of your decisions or not wanting to make one, you get run over! Take a stand for yourself today!

Make a decision. Yes! You have the ability to make a decision. So many opportunities are lost from lack of decision. It's amazing to me how many people say that they want an abundant life, yet aren't able to make a decision.

They wait for a sign telling them all the planets have aligned until they make a decision. Don't you see, nothing is ever perfect? You take what you have and make it work! But I can guarantee you will not create the life that you want if you can't make a decision.

Stare Down The Naysayers. There are people that love to try and steal your passion for life. When you are excited about a new opportunity such as a new class, moving away, or starting a business, the naysayers love to voice their opinion of all the negative things that could happen. You know the ones..."You'll waste your time. You'll lose your money. You'll be back."

These conversations will not serve you. From my experience this is one of the #1 reasons why most people don't stick with their new interest, they start having conversations with the wrong people. The conversations are all focused on what is wrong in the world and lack and limitation. We know from the Law of Attraction that we want to focus on what we desire. Stare down the naysayers and don't give them your energy!

Live in Gratitude. When you align with gratitude, it creates this fabulous energy that attracts more wonderful things to you. Start your day with gratitude!

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart

Get out there. Attempt new things that you only dreamed about. I felt such an exhilaration when my daughter and I swam with dolphins in Hawaii. I had always wanted to do that! It is a wonderful thing to see your vision come to reality.It creates a greater passion for life!

Start a list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Here are a few of mine....hold a baby orangutan, visit Yankee Stadium, hike the Grand Canyon. Live out loud!!

The Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Do you want kindness in your life? Be kind to others. Do you want respect? Be respectful. Are you looking for love? Be loving to others.

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