Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

The use of positive affirmations is one of the greatest tools for creating a positive mindset.

With a positive mindset you can attract great things to you! As the Law of Attraction says, you will attract whatever you focus your attention and energy on and attract more of the same whether wanted or unwanted.

So, positive thoughts creates more positive, wonderful things being attracted to you.

What Is An Affirmation?

Positive thinking is the foundation of personal growth. Every thought you think and every word that you speak is an affirmation. It can either be a positive or negative.

Our inner dialogue is constant affirming positive or negative. We want to focus on the positives and get rid of the negative monkey chatter! Every affirmations we say or think is a reflection of our inner truths and beliefs.

Our subconscious is soaking up all our beliefs and creating our world around us based on our beliefs. The subconscious mind is powerful. It doesn't know whether an affirmation is true or not true. It will create whatever it believes.

What is a belief? A belief is whatever we think is true! We create our own truths. Most of these truths we learn as very young children as they are programmed into our subconscious mind with what we learn from our parents, family, teachers and friends.

Many of these thought patterns have assisted us in our life but some are not serving us. We can get rid of the affirmations that are negative and replace them with positive affirmations.

How Does The Subconscious Work With Affirmations?

One of the functions of your subconscious mind is to assist you by observing patterns that you learned early in life and sort through what it considers, safe or dangerous situations. This is essential for our daily lives so that we do not have to re-evaluate every situation in the moment. We have a "library" of knowledge in our subconscious mind that we can borrow from.

Positive affirmations are brief positive statements. These are words that we think and speak to build a connection in our subconscious that is a new belief. We know that the subconscious mind believes whatever you tell it, whether true or false, and will create it in physical form. It starts with the deep seeded beliefs and manifests into physical reality. You can create your own reality through your subconscious mind.

Positive Affirmations

Are There Different Ways To Use Affirmations?

You can use affirmations in many different ways, it depends on what way seems to benefit you! You can multiple ways together.

1. Passion! Speak your affirmations with passion.

2. Write down your affirmations. By writing them down as the last thing before you go to bed allows the affirmation to connect with your subconscious. Write them down 15-20 times.

3. Speak your affirmations while looking in the mirror. Look yourself in the eye and say them with meaning! Repeat and repeat!

4. Say them aloud throughout the day. There are times when you can speak your positive affirmations with conviction throughout your day.

5. Singing or chanting affirmations. Singing and chanting connect with your soul. This is a great way to affirm your new beliefs.

6. Circle affirmations. A group in a circle surrounding one person giving affirmation after affirmation to the person in the middle of the circle. It is a positive experience for all that participate.

Great Affirmations To Use

Money flows easily to me.

I am a magnet to money.

I am blessed in all that I do.

I give to others.

I attract great people and situations wherever I go.

I attract great things to me everyday.

Great things are happening today!

I am at peace.

I believe in myself and I can do great things.

Greatness is within me.

I am powerful, strong and healthy.

I am loved.

I am worthy.

I deserve all great things coming to me.

I am able to give freely because I have so much.

All my relationships are loving and kind.

I am a great listener.

As you can see, two of the most powerful words in positive affirmations are the words, "I am." This allows you to be that person. Speak your affirmations as that person! It is the Be Do Have principle.

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