Law of Attraction

The Secret

The Secret

You've been living under a rock if you haven't seen or heard about The Secret.

It has become a world wide sensation since it was first published, having been translated into dozens of languages and sold millions of copies. 

You seen Oprah, Ellen, Will Smith and Jim Carrey talk about it...

It's the most recent resurfacing of an ancient law of the universe...the Law of Attraction. 

Law of Attraction is an universal principle says that whatever you focus your attention and energy on, you will attract more of the same. 

Law of Attraction or LOA explains that you must follow these three steps...ask, believe and receive 

When I first tapped into LOA, I was so excited I could barely sleep! Whether you found Law of Attraction through The Secret, Michael Losier or Abraham Hicks found you, too! 

I knew that my WHOLE life I had been attracting things, yet it wasn't until I was aware of the Law of Attraction that I knew what I was doing.

Have you had that experience too?

Once you know about the Law of Attraction, there's no turning back!

Because you realize that you're in the process of creating ALL the time. "Thoughts become things" as Mike Dooley from The Secret says. 

Yes, amazing teachers like Esther Hicks from Abraham Hicks, Joe Vitale, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Mike Dooley, James Ray, Lisa Nichols, and Bob Proctor are part of cast in The Secret.

The book was written by Australian Rhonda Byrnes, who discovered the secret she writes about in The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

She then traced it though the centuries, seeing how it had reappeared over and over throughout human history. 

The book explains this law that governs all lives and all happenings. 

It's the ancient "key" that the great sages of the world have all realized, and that many of history’s greatest have put to use.

Folks, this is not new information!

It's put into a format that takes what these incredible teachers want to share about what they know to be true about the Law of Attraction. 

And learn you will! When I first saw it, my hand was cramped from writing notes as quickly as I could!

This is the first time in history that it has been pulled together in a life transforming revelation for everyone who learns of it. 

The Secret Law of Attraction

Both the film and the book The Secret presents teachers alive today who share this special wisdom, that until now has been restricted to a very few. It's the key to manifesting great things into your life. 

The amazing teachers such as Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks, Lisa Nichols, Joe Vitale, etc...  they include world leaders in areas as varied as science and theology, history and business. 

It goes on to reveal the amazing stories and experiences of regular people who have had their lives changed in profound ways through use of the Law of Attraction. 

There are people who have used it to cure disease, manifest amazing wealth, and succeed at near impossible goals. 

Until a few years back, this life changing attraction info was limited to way too few people. 

Now, my friends you can take this amazing knowledge of Law of Attraction and put it in YOUR hands and show you how to apply it to all areas of YOUR life, from health to work, and more!!

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